Magitech items are the product of a mixture of modern technology and magic. Previously items of all sorts were exclusive to one or the other but innovations to include Leylines and Mana-conduits into mechanical designs have opened a world of possibilities for items and objects that serve new purposes — or to serve older purposes in a much more efficient manner. 


Integrating the magical and the mechanical was an idea fostered by the [[Vellian School of Magic]] in P.D. 1063. Fostered by them, as engineer Lucas Daiyr is credited with the original creation of a magitech item. While building a simple pulley system to move items around in his workshop, the pulley wheel he used was actually a depowered fire conduit. Constant agitation of the conduit caused it to give off heat and eventually dispel a gout of flame. Investigation by Daiyr revealed the cause was his substitution. Though a simple mistake and an even simpler system, it opened his mind to the possibility of creating complex machines powered or aided by magic.

Bringing this idea to the Artifice Wing at the Vellian School of Magic, a crude design was drawn out and brought to life. The first magitech item created from the ground up was a firearm that would imbue its bullets with electricity. It did so by having a lightning conduit that would be activated by a bullet entering the chamber. The bullet, etched with leylines to contain the very same element, would be empowered by this as it flew out the chamber. The impact of the bullet against a target would, in most cases, disfigure the ley lines and release the energy. (A non-lethal version was later developed for law enforcement agencies). The blueprints for this paved the way for other engineers and artificers to attempt something similar, most often using it to circumvent complex machine processes.

Magitech Today

In the present world, magitech sees many uses. From powering homes to being in mass-production factories, magitech has seen the civilized races progressing rapidly. Construction made easier by magitech equipment along with old rail lines has allowed for explosive expansion. As innovations to both magic and machinery continue, magitech continues to soar ahead in its uses.

Despite the usefulness and versatility of magitech, the most notable drawbacks are the cost of maintaining these items. Smaller items may last on their mana-conduits for extended periods of time before they need replacing, but larger equipment needs frequent repowering. As such, magitech that relies more on magic versus machinery tend to be in the hands of the upper class or corporations. Some of these items find their way into cheaper markets where they are quickly grabbed by collectors or magi who can provide the power to the items themselves.


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