Venriel 2.0

Homepage for Venriel 2.0, using a homebrew system to tell a story set in fictional, modern-day Venriel.



  • November2018

    • Starting world history WIP
    • Map for mainland created
    • Adjusted health level scaling (1 hp per 4 levels, down from every 2 levels)
    • Armor and feature adjustments
    • Expanding Sign features
    • Rewriting/revising many spells

      • Range of (almost) all spells now static (can be increased via new "Distance Caster" feature or some items)
    • Character sheet updates

      • Automated weapon skill check on weapons
      • Attack rolls with weapons now show what type of damage is done
    • Switched Thrown weapons from Melee category to Ranged
    • New Melee weapon type: Flexible

      • Primarily mid-range, with close/long range versatility varying on weapon

  • September2018

    • Encumbrance coded (somewhat). 33% & 66% thresholds round to nearest whole number

      • Fuck you HTML
    • More prices
    • Feature & spell edits/additions
    • Downtime & Rituals added
    • Revamped experience table
    • Careful Aim and Power Attacking no longer requires a feature

  • July2018

    • More feature edittsss
    • Base prices added to weapons (WIP)

  • June2018

    • Added consumables page
    • New/edited features

  • May2018

    • Increased base mana from 2 to 10
    • Master-class weapon feats (experimental)

  • Apr2018

    • Changed avoidance formula from 2.5*AGI to 2.3*AGI. Also changed sprint formula.
    • Character sheet changes (dam% on weapons, cleaned secondary skills)
    • More spells, weapons, features

  • Mar2018

    • Added new features, spells, items, etc.
    • Added # of features a character should have on character sheet
    • Added spell save challenge to appear on spell macros with a save included, also added mana cost to macros
    • Clearly defined how spell slots work as well as encumbrance's effects
    • Started sign features
    • Changed mana equation to 2+floor(Wisdom*1.2)
    • Fucked with aim/avoidance equations
    • Added armor mods/enchantments
    • Started StrayLight

  • Feb2018

    • Added weapon, armor, other item details (in progress)
    • Changed how spell level effects spell save challenge, and allow lower level spells to be cast at higher levels
    • My back hurts
    • Added new spells, features as well as reformatted existing documents
    • Added multifire mechanic and status effects

  • Jan2018

    • Too many character sheet bug fixes

  • 2017

    • Made Venriel 2.0
    • So many sprites
    • Too many maps
    • Kill me

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Venriel 2.0

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